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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Antigen and vaccine banks: technical requirements and the role of the European antigen bank in emergency foot and mouth disease vaccination

Author(s) : M. Lombard & A.-E. Füssel

Summary :

Antigen and vaccine banks are stocks of immunogenic materials ready to be formulated into vaccines (bulk antigens) or ready to use (vaccines) in case of need by one or more of the parties of the bank. These stocks were primarily developed by foot and mouth disease [FMD] free European countries to control unexpected severe FMD episodes after the cessation of routine vaccination in the 1990s. For various reasons, including the lack of suitable antigens or of discriminatory tests to be used following emergency vaccination, such banks have so far not been developed to control other transboundary diseases, although over the last few years stocks of vaccines have been collected by the European Community to support control measures for bluetongue or classical swine fever.

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