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Complementary tools for the control and eradication of caprine and ovine brucellosis in the European Union

Author(s) : F. Crespo León, J.L. Sáez Llorente, F.J. Reviriego Gordejo, E.F. Rodríguez Ferri & M. Durán Ferrer

Summary :

Caprine and ovine brucellosis is one of the most serious and complex animal health problems faced by Veterinary Services in countries where the disease is endemic. Various geographical factors and the nature of the disease itself influence its epidemiology, encouraging widespread distribution and, at the same time, impeding the ability of animal health programmes to prevent, control and eradicate it. Although strategies against brucellosis have traditionally been based on two specific tools (namely, vaccination of the at-risk population and testing and slaughter of animals which are suspected of or test positive for the disease), other complementary tools of a technical or administrative nature should also be considered. Experience in the European Union has shown that these tools are necessary to guarantee sustainable progress and success against this disease. However, these complementary tools have not always received sufficient attention during the strategic planning and subsequent implementation of animal health programmes, with consequent reductions in efficiency. The aim of this article is to review these complementary tools, in order to facilitate their adoption and use by official Veterinary Services, according to the resources available.
Animal health programmes – Animal movement – Brucella melitensis – Brucellosis – Caprine and ovine brucellosis – Caprines – Control – Eradication – Goats – Health certification – Ovines – Sheep – Small ruminants.

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