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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Quality control in the national bovine tuberculosis eradication programme in Ireland

Author(s) : A. Duignan, M. Good & S.J. More

Summary :

The Irish bovine tuberculosis (BTB) eradication programme operates under national legislation and fulfils the requirements of the European Union Trade Directive 64/432. The programme includes annual single intradermal comparative tuberculin test (SICTT) screening of all herds, prompt removal of test reactors and further consequential retesting of herds. Continuous evaluation of all relevant activities is essential to deliver an effective national programme and to reassure all stakeholders that the highest possible standards are attained. Quality control (QC) is a recognised process in the delivery of quality products or services. This paper presents a review of QC in the BTB eradication programme in Ireland, with particular emphasis on field surveillance and the assessment of private veterinary practitioner performance. A broad range of programme elements subjected to QC are described, including personnel, training, equipment, tuberculins and laboratories.
Bovine tuberculosis – Field surveillance – Ireland – Mycobacterium bovis – Performance – Quality control.

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