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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Surveillance strategies for foot and mouth disease to prove absence of disease and absence of viral circulation

Author(s) : V. Caporale, A. Giovannini & C. Zepeda

Summary :

Free trade of animals and their products is based on the international or bilateral recognition of the health status of the animal populations being traded. This recognition is based on documentation of their health status by the exporting country, based on the results of continuing surveillance. According to the Terrestrial Animal Health Code of the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), this may be based on various methods of surveillance, such as: documenting non-specific surveillance (clinical surveillance, passive notification of suspect cases, etc.); documenting activities that increase the sensitivity of non-specific surveillance (training activities, rewards/sanctions for notification/failure to notify, etc.); documenting all specific surveillance and its results (random surveys, targeted and risk-based surveillance, convenience-testing activities, etc.). Usually, the infection is the subject of the declaration of freedom.
Documentation – Early detection systems – Foot and mouth disease – Free country – Free zone – OIE – Random survey – Risk-based surveillance – Surveillance – Targeted surveillance – World Organisation for Animal Health.

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