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Thematic publications 

Historical Perspective of Rabies in Europe and the Mediterranean Basin

Author(s) : A.A. King, A.R. Fooks, M. Aubert, A.I. Wandeler; Ed.: 2004

Throughout the 20th Century, control strategies for rabies in Europe have significantly reduced the human burden of disease. Rabies has been successfully eradicated from many European countries and in this book leading experts describe the various approaches that have been taken.

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History of the surveillance and control of transmissible animal diseases

Author(s) : J. Blancou; éd. fr. : 2000; Eng. Ed.: 2003

...a book that is scholarly and exhaustive without being turgid or dull, illuminating and engaging without being superficial or facetious. It really ought to be in the library of every animal disease research establishment, and of course of every veterinary school where one would hope that students as well as staff would peruse it... Veterinary History
This book outlines the history of the surveillance and control of the major transmissible diseases (sheep pox, foot and mouth disease, anthrax, glanders, contagious bovine pleuropneumonia, rinderpest, rabies, tuberculosis, and ecto- and endoparasitic disease), as well as wildlife diseases.

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Technical Series 

Brucellosis in the Mediterranean countries: history, prevalence, distribution, current situation and attempts at surveillance and control, Technical Series Vol. 12

Author(s) : G. Wareth; Ed. 2019

This book focuses on the historical and current status of the disease in the 23 countries with coastlines along the Mediterranean. This work is mainly based on information collected and provided by local authorities, governmental bodies and National Reference Laboratories for Brucellosis, as well as national experts in each country.

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Qualitative risk assessment of the spread of foot and mouth disease by international trade in deboned beef, Technical Series Vol. 11

Author(s) : D.J. Paton, M. Sinclair & R. Rodríguez; Ed. 2011

Deboning beef is one of the main measures taken to mitigate the risk of the spread of foot and mouth disease. This timely publication provides a detailed and comprehensive guide to all aspects of this trade.

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Scientific assessment and management of animal pain,
Technical Series Vol. 10

Author(s) : D. Mellor, P. Thornber, D. Bayvel & S. Kahn; Ed.: 2008

Essential reading for everyone involved in animal welfare.
This timely publication covers all aspects of the scientific assessment and management of animal pain, an essential component of animal welfare. 

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