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WORK IN PROGRESS - Please note that the OIE regional Website for Europe is being entirely renovated. It should be operational by the end of 2019.

These five pages are regularly updated:

GF-TADs for Europe

GF-TADs SGE ASF (Standing Groups of Experts on Afican Swine Fever in Europe)

GF-TADs SGE LSD (Standing Groups of Experts on Lumpy Skin Disease in South-East Europe)

GF-TADs SGE RAB (Standing Groups of Experts on Rabies for Europe) NEW

Regional Core Group of the OIE Regional Commission for Europe

The 2019-1 issues of The Official and Panorama publications under the OIE Bulletin are now available.

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OIE regional and sub-regional Representations in Europe - contacts:

- The OIE Regional Representative based in Moscow: Dr Budimir Plavsic ; rr.moscow@oie.int

- The OIE Sub-Regional Representative based in Brussels: Dr Fabien Schneegans ; rsr.bruxelles@oie.int

- The OIE sub-regional Representative for Central Asia: Dr Mereke Taitubayev