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WORK IN PROGRESS - Please note that the OIE regional Website for Europe is being entirely renovated. It should be operational by the end of 2019.

These five pages are regularly updated:

GF-TADs for Europe

GF-TADs SGE ASF (Standing Groups of Experts on African Swine Fever in Europe)

GF-TADs SGE LSD (Standing Groups of Experts on Lumpy Skin Disease in South-East Europe)

GF-TADs SGE RAB (Standing Groups of Experts on Rabies for Europe)

Regional Core Group of the OIE Regional Commission for Europe

The Russian version of the Terrestrial Animals Health Code is now also available:


ТОМ II - Рекомендации по болезням Списка МЭБ и другим важным для международной торговли болезня

The Terrestrial Animals Health Code can of course also be consulted on line in English, French and Spanish.

The 2019-1 issues of The Official and Panorama publications under the OIE Bulletin are now available.

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OIE regional and sub-regional Representations in Europe - contacts:

- The OIE Regional Representative based in Moscow: Dr Budimir Plavsic ; [email protected]

- The OIE Sub-Regional Representative based in Brussels: Dr Fabien Schneegans ; [email protected]

- The OIE sub-regional Representative for Central Asia: Dr Mereke Taitubayev