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Standing Group of Experts on Rabies for Europe
under the GF-TADs umbrella


Presentation / objectives

The GF-TADs for Europe is expanding its activities in 2019, with the creation of a new Standing Group of Experts on Rabies (SGE RAB).

The main objective of this new Standing Group of Experts is to coordinate the oral rabies vaccination activities in wild carnivores with the overall goal to accelerate the final eradication of rabies.

Target countries (as of January 2019) :

- countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Kosovo*, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia

- organisations: EC - OIE - FAO

Secretariat: OIE sub-regional Representation in Brussels ([email protected])


Meetings of the SGE RAB

Kick-off meeting SGE RAB1
(Brussels, February 2019)
Additional session dedicated to Rabies surveillance during the SGE LSD9(Athens, October 2019) NEW


Kick-off meeting - SGE RAB1 (Brussels - 13 February 2019)

The first meeting of the standing group of experts on rabies (SGE RAB1) took place in Brussels, Belgium, on 13 February 2019. The main objective of the SGE RAB1 was to address a specific request of several CVOs from the Balkan sub-region, where the coordination of oral rabies vaccination campaigns (ARV) against rabies in wild carnivores appears to be an issue.

Main outcomes:
- It was overall noted that good progress on the eradication of rabies has been made in the region, but that several strong concerns remain: a weak surveillance and monitoring, a discontinuity of vaccination which is already taking place in the region and a strong need for strategic coordination and technical guidance.
- A series of recommendations was approved.
- Next steps: This new standing group of experts under the GF-TADs will meet again next year and will be extended to a larger number of countries if needed.

Background information

Country presentations

European Commission presentations


Additional session dedicated to Rabies surveillance during the SGE LSD9 (Athens, October 2019)

The ninth meeting of the standing group of experts on lumpy skin disease (SGE LSD9) included an additional session on rabies surveillance.
All documents relating to the SGE LSD9 are available here, in particular:
- Report of the SGE LSD9 (including the report of the session on Rabies)
- SGE LSD9 recommendations on Rabies

As regards Rabies, the standing group of experts recommended that competent authorities consider passive surveillance as a top priority both in free and non-free areas. Moreover, the coordination of vaccination activities along the borders should be encouraged and monitored by the relevant members of the bureau of the OIE regional Commission for Europe.
The 2nd meeting of the GF-TADs' Standing Group of Experts on Rabies will take place in June 2020 in Zagreb, Croatia.