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Editorial Director:Dr B. Vallat
Chief Editor: Marc Artois



Founded in 1994, this Working Group informs and advises the OIE on all health problems relating to wild animals, whether in the wild or in captivity. It has prepared recommendations and oversees numerous scientific publications on the surveillance and control of the most important specific wildlife diseases. The Working Group comprises world-leading scientific experts in their subject areas.

Terms of reference

ln close cooperation with the OIE Specialist Commissions and Working Groups:

1. To propose a regular wildlife disease reporting system (through OIE regular publications) and to suggest ways of promoting reporting.

2. To propose a network of wildlife disease collaborating centres, identify field of expertise and suggest duties and responsibilities, of laboratories which agree to act as collaborating centres.

3. To periodically review evolutions of disease problems of free living and farmed or, ranched wildlife which are significantly (or potentially) important to these populations or to livestock, poultry, or humans.

4. To advise on measures (and/or research) to prevent, control or where appropriate treat these diseases.

5. To assess developments in wildlife populations and their conservation or utilisation which can be significantly influenced by disease, and to propose measures (and/or research) to forecast, prevent and control these disease in both wild and domestic animaIs.

6. To summarise the disease risk problems in the transport and commerce of wildlife and their products and to propose measures to prevent them.

7. To regularly update techniques for improved diagnosis and surveillance of wildlife diseases.


2010 New Questionnaire for the Notification of Wwildlife Diseases

Nuevo cuestionario del 2010  sobre las enfermedades de los animales salvajes

Nouveau questionnaire 2010 sur les maladies des animaux sauvages