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Regional seminar for National Focal Points on Communication (1-3 July 2014, Tallinn, Estonia)

An ‘advanced training' seminar for OIE national Focal Point on Communication was organized by OIE in Tallinn, Estonia, on July 1-3 2014 (hereafter named the ‘Tallinn seminar'). It came as a follow up of the first OIE Seminar for National Focal Points (NFPs) on Communication (Prague, Czech Republic, September 2011), which was an important milestone in the OIE history as the first seminar for NFPs on Communication ever organized (National Focal Points in charge of Communication were among the latest to be appointed, in 2010). All 53 NFPs of Europe were invited to the Seminar, out of which, 40 attended.

The agenda was developed to train the NFPs on the management of national communication systems and of operational communication campaigns, in particular on:

•  Modern form and channels of communication, and their implications for Veterinary Services;

•  Definition and specificities of target audiences such as staff, partners, stakeholders, media and the general public;

•  Organisation and tools for VS internal and inter-sectorial communication;

•  Planning of operational communication campaign, via two examples of awareness and crisis campaigns addressed through country presentations and working group sessions.

The OIE would like to deeply thank the Estonian Government for their logistical and financial support to the event as the hosting country, as well as the European Commission, who significantly contributed to the seminar through the Contribution Agreement EU-OIE 2014-2015.

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List of Participants

Power point presentations:

--> Day 1
General presentation of the OIE and OIE A->Z
Good governance of Veterinary Services and the PVS Pathway
Rights and commitments of OIE Delegates and focal points and presentation of OIE standards on communication in the OIE Code
Communication from OIE: Tools and organisation
The challenge of modern communication: faster, shorter, wider
The new media landscape: a different way to think the information
Food safety, animal welfare and animal health: why do we need to communicate

--> Day 2
Social medias: friends or opponents?
Audience : several targets, several approaches
A good communication is an organized and knowledgeable communication
Example of an awareness campaign (stray dog) – experience from FYROM
Example of a crisis campaign (ASF) – experience from Poland
Focus on communication tools: journalist database, press review, tools elaboration (factsheet, movie…)

--> Day 3

Report of Working group 1 on Awareness Campaign
Report of Working group 2 on Crisis Campaign
Activities of focal points