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OIE Regional Platform on animal welfare for Europe

About the Platform

The recent Seminars for OIE National Focal Points on animal welfare from Europe have confirmed the prominent role of the OIE in animal welfare and called on the OIE to develop a sustainable regional mechanism to facilitate the implementation of the OIE standards on animal welfare by all 53 member countries of the OIE Regional Commission for Europe. This initiative for capacity building programs and exchange of best practices is now known as OIE Platform on animal welfare for Europe.

The general objectives of the OIE Platform on animal welfare for Europe are to define activities that can directly contribute to the work of Veterinary Services and empower them to take further actions to implement the OIE standards on animal welfare. More specifically objectives will target to:

  • Raise awareness and achieve high level of understanding of animal welfare in the European region;
  • Progressively advance with the implementation of the OIE standards on animal welfare;
  • Encourage the participation in the OIE standards setting process.

The Concept Note of the Platform was officially endorsed during the 81 st OIE General Session in Paris (France) in May 2013.

    Key documents:
    Concept Note

Governance of the Platform

In accordance with the Concept Note, the Governance of the Platform is entrusted to a Steering Group, composed of OIE Delegates from three non-EU and two EU countries, a representative of the European Commission, the OIE Regional and Sub-Regional Representations of the European Region and a representative of the OIE Collaborating Centre on animal welfare for Europe.

The Steering Group meet at every 6 months, or more regularly, under the chairmanship of the OIE Headquarters. Meetings take place in different countries from Europe on rotational principle.

Secretariat of the Steering Group is provided by the OIE Sub-Regional Representation in Brussels.

The First meeting of the Steering Group of the OIE Platform on animal welfare for Europe was held in the OIE Headquarters on 19-20 December 2013.

Collaboration with other stakeholders from the region will be carefully looked at and they will be consulted on ad hoc basis considering the optimal implementation of the Action plan. Priority in that respect will be given to partner organisations recognised by the OIE World Assembly of Delegates.

    Key documents:
    List of members of the Steering Group

Action plan of the Platform

A three year Action plan for 2014-2016 was discussed in details and validated by the Steering Group during its first meeting in Paris. The European Commission and some EU member states confirmed their financial and professional support for its implementation.

  • Priority topics for the first three years:
    • Stray dog population management;
    • Transport of animals by land;
    • Slaughter of animals.
  • Priority activities for the first three years:
    • Creation of dedicated website of the Platform;
    • Translation of technical documentation and standards into Russian;
    • Raising awareness and communication campaigns;
    • Organisation of workshops on priority topics;

A website dedicated to the Platform will be developed.

Secretariat - contact person:
Dr. Stanislav RALCHEV
OIE Sub-Regional Representation in Brussels
Food Safety Center K05/120210
Boulevard du Jardin Botanique 55
1000 Bruxelles, BELGIUM
Tel. +32 2 211 83 65