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Standing Group of Experts on Lumpy Skin Disease
in South-East Europe

under the GF-TADs umbrella


Presentation / objectives

Lumpy Skin Disease is a growing concern in Europe, due to the recent spread in Israel (2012), Turkey (2013), Azerbaijan (July 2014), Russia (July 2015), Greece (August 2015) and further spread into the Balkans in the course of 2016 (Bulgaria; fYROM; Serbia; Kosovo*).

A new initiative called Standing Group of Experts on Lumpy Skin Disease in South East Europe (hereafter referred as ‘SGE LSD ’) was launched on 4-5 July 2016 under the GF-TADs umbrella to build up a closer cooperation among countries affected by Lumpy Skin disease (LSD) and thereby, address the disease in a more collaborative and harmonised manner across the region.It is a unique opportunity to engage affected countries into a fruitful regional dialogue and increased transparency. The GF-TADs offers the ideal framework to discuss common / harmonized mitigation measures based on scientific and technical grounds. LSD was discussed during the 6th meeting of the GF-TADs for Europe Steering Committee (RSC6).

The Standing Group of Expertson LSD builds on the succesful experience of a similar mechanism for African swine fever in the Baltic and Eastern Europe region established in 2014 (link to the SGE ASF).


LSD SGE Members:

- Chair: President of the GF-TADs for Europe (Dr B. Van Goethem)

- Vice-chairs: President of the Bureau of the OIE Regional Commission for Europe [Dr M. Balodis]; Vice-President of the Bureau of the OIE Regional Commission for Europe and Vice-President of the GF-TADs for Europe [Dr U. Herzog];

- Affected and at-risk countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Kosovo*, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey and Russia

- Observer country: EU Presidency (currently Slovakia)

- Organisations: EC - OIE - FAO

- Experts: designated on an ad hoc basis

Secretariat: OIE sub-regional Representation in Brussels (


SGE LSD Meetings

First meeting (SGE LSD1) - Brussels, July 2016
Second meeting (SGE LSD2) - Lisbon, September 2016
Third meeting (SGE LSD3) - Istanbul, December 2016
SGE LSD Teleconference on LSD Vaccination programmes for 2017
Fourth meeting (SGE LSD4) - Paris, May 2017
Fifth meeting (SGE LSD5) - Budva, October 2017 NEW


Kick off meeting (SGE LSD1, 5-6 July 2016, Brussels / Belgium)

A first meeting will take place on 4-5 July 2016 in Brussels, Belgium.

The objectives of this first meeting were to set up the Standing Group of Experts on LSD, provide a first update of the situation in each country (tour de table), provide general recommendations for the Region and agree on agenda (specific topic), date and venue of the next meeting (SGE LSD2) to be held before the end of 2016.

Background documents:
Setting the scene presentation (GF-TADs Secretariat)
SGE LSD Modus Operandi
RSC6 Recommendations: Governance; Diseases

EFSA 2015 Scientific Opinion on LSD
Report of the 2016 EFSA/SANTE Workshop on LSD

SGE LSD1 recommendations

Country presentations:
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Expert presentations:
LSD Epidemiology (Dr. E. Tuppurainen)
LSD Laboratory diagnosis (Dr. E. Tuppurainen)
LSD Control and eradication (Dr. K. de Clercq)

Organisation presentations:
FAO presentation on LSD (Dr E. Raizman)
Outcomes of the joint EFSA-SANTE workshop (11-12 MAy 2016) and recent EFSA activities on LSD (Dr A. Gervelmeyer)

  * : This designation is without prejudice to position on status, and is in line with UN Security Council Resolution 1244/99 and the International Court of Justice Opinion on the Kosovo declaration of independence 


SGE LSD2 (21 September 2016, Lisbon / Portugal)

The second meeting of the Standing Group of Experts for LSD in South East Europe took place in Libon / Portugal on 21 September 2016, in the margins of the OIE 27th Conference of the OIE Regional Commission for Europe.

It was a short meeting (1,5 hour) mainly dedicated to presentations by countries to understand the evolution of their epidemiological situation since the SGE LSD1 (Brussels / Belgium; 4-5 July 2016) and their vaccination programme (or other prevention and control measures). Country presentations are available below.

Main outcomes:

1- The SGE LSD1 Report was endorsed.

2- The European Commission indicated that:

-- 2,5 million doses of quality vaccines are currently being procured and that Balkans countries will be able to ask the Commission for additional vaccine supply as appropriate;

-- Balkan countries could request the reimbursement of the vaccines they had purchased from their national budget and used over the past three months.

3.- The 2 SGE LSD Experts, Dr E. Tuppurainen and K. de Clercq, insisted on the need to conduct independent quality control of heterologous LSD vaccines.

4- A new set of modern EU control and preventive measures (Commission Implementing Decision - link to be provided) to combat LSD were endorsed on 14 September 2016 by EU Member State experts, following the outcomes of the Ministerial Conference on LSD held in Sofia / Bulgaria on 8-9 September 2016 [Sofia high level ministerial conference conclusions]. All SGE LSD countries will be requested to fill annex II of the Decision on the minimum requirements for LSD vaccination programmes and send it back to the GF-TADs for Europe Secretariat (the template is currently being prepared by the Secretariat and will be circulated very soon to the countries). The information collated will serve as a basis to prepare a robust long-term LSD control strategy for the whole Balkan region, under the GF-TADs.

5- The SGE LSD3 meeting (1,5 day) will be held in Istanbul / Turkey on 12 and 13 December 2016. The Secretariat will send all technical and logistical details in due time.

Country presentations:

SGE LSD2 - country report - Albania
SGE LSD2 - country report - Bosnia and Herzegovina
SGE LSD2 - country report - Bulgaria
SGE LSD2 - country report - Croatia
SGE LSD2 - country report - FYROM
SGE LSD2 - country report - Kosovo
SGE LSD2 - country report - Montenegro
SGE LSD2 - country report - Romania
SGE LSD2 - country report - Russia
SGE LSD2 - country report - Serbia

Aditional presentations

Control and eradication of Lumpy Skin Disease in South East Europe (E. Tuppurainen and N. Galon) [techical Item II of the 27th conference of the OIE regional Commission for Europe]


SGE LSD3 (12-13 December 2016, Istanbul / Turkey)

The third meeting of the Standing Group of Experts for LSD in South East Europe took place in Istanbul / Turkey on 12-13 December 2016.

The objectives of this third meeting were to (i) report on the latest LSD epidemiological evolution in the region and control measures put in place by countries; (ii) gain a deeper understanding of vaccines and vaccination strengths and weaknesses in the region (Expert reports); and (iii) on these bases, discuss a commonLSD vaccination strategy for the region.

Main outcomes: (to be completed)

- Discussion on an harmonized LSD vaccination in South East Europe and related recommendations

- Many issues on LSD still deserve further discussion, specially as regards the vaccines. Recommendation on the use of homologous vs heterologous shall be discussed again in the future.

- the next meeting (LSD4) will be held in Paris in May 2017, in the margins of the 85th OIE General Session.

Background information

- LSD3 agenda
- LSD3 List of participants
- Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2016/2009 of 15 November 2016 approving the vaccination programmes against lumpy skin disease submitted by the Member States
- LSD vaccination data collection - results (D. Dilaveris)


- LSD3 Recommendations (final)

Country presentations

- Bulgaria
- Greece
- Kosovo*
- Montenegro
- Russia
- Serbia
- Turkey

Expert presentations

LSD situation in Europe (D. Dilaveris)
Vaccination against lumpy skin disease in Western Balkan
(E. Tuppurainen)
LSD vaccine quality (K. de CLercq)
Homologous versus heterologous LSD vaccines: Pros and Cons (N. Galon)
EFSA activities on LSD: recent and on-going work (A. Broglia)



SGE LSD Teleconference on LSD vaccination programmes (23 February 2017)

A teleconference was organised on 23 February with all countries of Europe involved in a vaccination programme to get an updates on their estimated number of vaccine doses needed, state of play of national procurement, doses purchased already and estimated to be purchased as well as the estimated date of start of vaccination campaign for 2017.

The European Commission also provided information on the possible EU support for LSD vaccination in 2017 (reimbursement for the cost of vaccines purchased by national funds; Cost-free donations from the EU LSD vaccine bank).

Report of the Teleconference
Annex - 2017 LSD vaccination Table


SGE LSD4 (24 May 2017, Paris / France - in the margins of the OIE 85th General Session)

Representatives of the European Commission (EC), the FAO and the OIE, together with national delegates of 18 participating countries attended the SGE LSD4, at Maison de la Chimie, from 13 to 14:30pm on 24 May 2017. The meeting was also attended by numerous delegates of observer countries in Europe, following an open invitation from the GF-TADs chair, Dr B. Van Goethem.

The main objectives of the SGE LSD4 meeting were for the SGE LSD countries to provide updates on (i) their epidemiological situation; (ii) their national procedures for the purchase of LSD vaccines; and (iii) the progress of their vaccination campaigns. Latest developments regarding possible EC support (to be targetted in priority to Albania, Kosovo*, ad Greece) as well as the OIE LSD Chapter proposed for adoption during the 85th OIE General Session were also shared with participants. The Report below and it annex provide detailed information about the meeting and its outcomes.

The next meeting will be held in Montenegro on 19-20 October 2017 (to be confirmed). Relevant information will be provided in due time, in close collaboration with the Delegate of Montenegro, Mrs Vesna Dakovic.

- SGE LSD4 Agenda
- SGE LSD4 Report
- SGE LSD4 Annex (Vaccination table)


SGE LSD5 (19-20 October 2017, Budva / Montenegro) NEW

The fifth meeting of the Standing Group of Experts for LSD in South East Europe (SGE LSD5) took place in Budva / Montenegro on 19-20 October 2017.

The objectives of this fifth meeting were to
(i) report on the latest LSD epidemiological evolution in the region and in countries since the SGE LSD4 (Paris, May 2017);
(ii) for countries, to give an update of their 2017 LSD vaccination campaign (and other control measures) and prospect for 2018;
(iii) have an update on the diagnosis and vaccination tools made available to countries;
(iv) on these bases, discuss a common LSD vaccination strategy for the region for 2018, and possibly start thinking of an exit vaccination strategy as relevant.

Main outcomes:
- Discussion on an harmonized LSD vaccination in South East Europe for 2018 and related recommendations
- the next meeting (LSD6) will be held in [country] in [Month] 2018, and the following one, the SGE LSD7 in the margins of the 86th OIE General Session (May 2018).

Background information

- LSD5 agenda
- LSD5 List of participants

- LSD situation in Europe (D. Dilaveris)
- LSD vaccination data collection


- SGE LSD5 Recommendations

Country presentations

- Albania
- Austria
- Bosnia and Herzegovina
- Bulgaria
- Croatia
- Greece
- Kosovo*
- Montenegro
- Serbia
- Slovenia
- Turkey
- Ukraine

Expert presentations

Update on the LSD diagnosis, vaccines and other aspects (K. de CLercq)
EFSA activities on LSD: recent and on-going work (A. Broglia)
Environmental impact of different disposal methods of bovine carcasses (Lori P. Miller)